Rubber Roof Repair, Bentonville AR

At Alley Capital, our team members are acquainted with rubber roofs and the challenges they can pose. Our roofing technicians have the experience, education, and resources needed to serve building owners and property managers in Bentonville, AR, and the surrounding communities.

If you are concerned about the performance or condition of your rubber roof, call Alley Capital today at (417) 825-0286 to learn more or read on to find out about the premium rubber roof repair services we specialize in.

Quality EPDM Roof Inspections

Alley Capital, LLC, begins every roofing project with a thorough, in-depth inspection. The findings from these inspections form the basis and foundation for our evidence-backed recommendations and customized solutions. Every roof and every commercial and industrial building are unique, and a baseline inspection can help us understand your unique needs and circumstances.

If you’ve noticed a drop in the performance or functionality of your rubber roof, the best place to start is with a comprehensive inspection by the experts at Alley Capital. Many times, a simple inspection is all we need to determine what issues are causing problems so we can quickly and effectively remedy them. 

Rubber Roof Leak Detection

Rubber roofs are notorious for leaking. The majority of rubber roofing systems are installed on flat or low-sloping roofs, which are susceptible to leaks mainly due to their low angle. If you suspect your rubber roof may be leaking, Alley Capital can help!

We use state-of-the-art infrared scanners to detect water damage and track down leaks throughout your rubber roof system. Benefits of this type of leak detection include:

  • Minimal deconstruction – With thermal imaging, we can locate hidden leaks without having to open walls, roofs, or ceilings.
  • Lower costs – Leaks can be detected quickly, reducing labor expenses.
  • Less mess – The ability to pinpoint the areas that are affected means we only treat the spots that really need it.

Superior Solutions For Rubber Roof Repairs

Like most commercial roofing contractors, Alley Capital is more than capable of handling your rubber roof repair needs. What sets us apart though is our focus on preventive and proactive roof maintenance and our highly successful rubber roof restoration services:

1) Rubber Roof Maintenance Programs – Alley Capital emphasizes preventative care over ongoing repair work. What this means is we like to help our customers stay ahead of damages and repairs by keeping their roofs in good health year-round. We believe (and industry standards suggest) every roof should have a solid maintenance plan in place that ensures the roof is inspected every 6 months and necessary cleaning and maintenance is performed. Alley Capital can customize your roof management program to fit your needs, so call today!

2) Roof Coatings – Tired of sinking money into constant repairs and feeling like there’s no improvement but not ready to replace your rubber roof yet? Alley Capital offers a solution – roof restoration with roof coatings. Our roof coatings can be applied to your existing roof, effectively waterproofing it, sealing leaks, drastically improving energy efficiency, and adding years to its life. Call us today to learn more.

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If you own or manage a commercial or industrial building with a rubber roof, let the experts at Alley Capital take a load off your shoulders. We offer exceptional, effective repair services for rubber roofs in Bentonville, AR and beyond. Call (417) 825-0286 today, and let us get your rubber roof back into the best shape of its life.