Roof Coating Lamar, MO

How much do you know about roof restoration? The sad truth is that a huge percentage of roof replacements are done prematurely. At Alley Capital, we have the knowledge and experience to extend the life of your commercial roof with a roof coating. There are several benefits to restoring your roof with a roof coating, which we will go over below. For a free estimate on this service, give us a call at 417-825-0286.

Restoration Benefits

To fully understand the benefits to roof restoration, we must first go over the negatives of roof replacements. Many of these should be quite obvious. For starters, a roof replacement is expensive in comparison to roof restoration. Not only does it require paying for a lot of labor, but also all of the new materials that must be installed.

Next, roof replacements can take a number of days which can slow the going-ons at any commercial building. It is also wasteful to get a replacement when a roof is capable of being restored or repaired effectively. Long story short, it’s best to deal with as few roof replacements as possible so long as your roof is kept in decent condition.

About Roof Coatings

A roof coating will reinforce your roof and add a decade or more to its lifespan. It’s a seamless layer that fends off leaks and improves your roof’s condition. Even if your roof has some stubborn leaks that contractors in the past have been unable to fix, a roof coating from Alley Capital might be the answer.

Of course, we will first need to evaluate the condition of your roof and check to see that a roof coating is the best option. If your roof is in extremely poor condition, a roof replacement may be the best course of action. Either way, Alley Capital offers high-quality roof coatings and roof replacements at great prices.

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To get in contact with the master roofing technicians at Alley Capital, give us a call at 417-825-0286. We apply flawless roof coatings that will lengthen the lifespan of your roof and even improve the energy-efficiency of your building. To find out more about roof restoration, call us today at 417-825-0286.