Pittsburg, KS

Welcome to Alley Capital Roofing, the #1 commercial roofing service in Pittsburg, KS. We offer a full range of commercial roofing services geared to protecting your building and prolonging your roof’s lifespan. Whether you’re looking for a trusted roofer in Pittsburgh to inspect your roof, provide emergency service repairs, renovate or even fully replace your roofing system, Alley Capital Roofing has you covered.

As the premier commercial roofing contractor in the area, Alley Capital Roofing prides itself on installing a roof system that is sustainable, energy efficient, and backed by major manufacturers’ warranty. We have been working with shingles and metal roofs for the last two decades, ensuring we can meet the unique needs of your commercial facility.

Safety and customer satisfaction come first for us. Our highly skilled roofing technicians and installers are all licensed and insured. For your peace of mind we use only durable and proven roofing products from trusted brands.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Many different problems can affect your roof’s health, including ponding water, blisters, and gaps in the flashing. These issues, if not addressed in a timely fashion, can lead to a catastrophic roofing failure.  It’s imperative that you manage the repairs on your commercial roofing system so that massive repairs don’t cause major financial issues later. You need a roofer that provides quick response and quality repair of any commercial roof type.  You need Alley Capital Roofing.

Long-lasting Roof Coatings

Trying to seal roof leaks using patches or other low quality products often leads to applying multiple layers with the same results. Leaks might stop, but they always come back. You will have to apply the sealants over again, and most likely do so every few years.  Before you know it, you will have spent a ton of cash on seemingly inexpensive products and have a roofing disaster on your hands because your roof has multiple leaks and a patchwork of incompatible products stuck on it. To avoid these problems, request a fresh coating with a long life expectancy.  Not only does a coating stop leaks in their tracks, it extends the longevity of your roofing structure, while improving your energy efficiency.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Your commercial or industrial roof system needs some TLC, which is another way to say they need preventative maintenance. Our customized, scheduled program can help you extend your roof’s life for years and prevent common issues from turning into a full scale replacement. During maintenance, we’ll remove debris and clear your gutters. We will also re-caulk terminations and perform minor repairs. Any roof defects and potential water-entry locations are uncovered and repaired.

Commercial Roof Inspections

It’s advisable to perform roof inspections at a minimum of twice a year; preferably in the Spring when the weather is mild and again in the Autumn.  This prepares your building for the extremes of Winter and Summer weather conditions. Our inspections spot maintenance issues and problems like gaps in flashing, tears, debris, blockage, missing shingles, and roof punctures before they become catastrophic. We also make sure your seals are intact and your metal roof system isn’t separating from the membrane.

Are you ready to get more information and see the difference Alley Capital Roofing can make? Call our team at 417-825-0286 to set an appointment with our friendly experts. We care about your business and property and truly look forward to developing a roofing partnership with you.