Flat Roof Replacement Ozark, MO

Most business owners and property managers don’t get excited to hear that their flat roof needs to be replaced. However, our team at Alley Capital is here to remove the stress and headache from the process and provide you with a budget-friendly solutions that can help ease your anxiety. With over twenty years in the industry, we have found roof replacement solutions that we can count on, and are happy to guide business owners on Ozark, MO with options they can trust.

If you are ready to have our team come provide you with a flat roof replacement estimate, give our office a call at 417-825-0286. We will send one of our professional team members to your property to determine what is the best solution for your unique roofing needs.

Solutions for All Flat Roof Types

The term “flat roof” is not one specific roofing substrate. Instead, it is a catch-all term for roofs that are flat in appearance, that have an approximate 10° slope. The most popular flat roofing materials are:

  • Modified Bitumen
  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Built Up

When we come out to provide you with an estimate, we will ask a few questions to help determine what solution is right for your replacement needs. Some of these questions include:

  • What did you like about your old roofing unit?
  • What did you dislike about your old roofing unit?
  • Are you interested in turning your roof into an energy saving asset?
  • Does your company work with any chemicals that might deteriorate the roofs surface faster?
  • Does your roof regularly have foot traffic on the surface?

After we have the answer to these questions, we will then guide you to the solution that will last the longest and fit your budget needs the best. We believe that finding the appropriate option will help ensure that your roof stands the test of time.

Ready for a Replacement?

If your Ozark, MO property has seen better days and is in need of a flat roof replacement, please don’t hesitate to call us. You can reach our team at 417-825-0286. We’d be happy to provide you with trusted replacement options that can minimize the stress and disruption. We look forward to hearing from you.