Flat Roof Replacement, Carthage MO

Flat roof replacement is a job best left to expert roofers like those at Alley Capital. Because flat roofs have to stand up to more frequent foot traffic and are prone to standing water, you need a roofing contractor with flat roof experience. In fact, flat roof installment can be more of a challenge than traditional sloped roofs, requiring more patience, specialized tools and techniques, and high quality materials that will stand the test of time.

When you need a new flat roof, turn to Missouri’s flat roof replacement experts – Alley Capital, LLC. You can reach us at (417) 825-0286, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All our roofing work comes with industry-leading, non-prorated warranties.

6 Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Replacing

  1. There’s still water sitting on your roof more than 48 hours after it rains. This can mean a few things: 1) Your flat roof was improperly installed, 2) The roof’s pitch has decreased, causing poor drainage, or 3) Your drain system is clogged.
  2. The sealant around seams, joints, copings, flashings, boots, vent collars, etc. is deteriorating, exposing the flat roof to moisture and leaks.
  3. The roof has large rips, tears, or punctures throughout. Because they are flat, commercial roofs are often used to store equipment, so foot traffic is more common on these types of roofs. This means flat roofs are more likely to sustain damages from frequent visitors, especially along the seams.
  4. The building underneath has sustained significant or frequent water damage. Associated problems include mold, mildew, wet insulation, electrical hazards, bubbling paint, and other costly repairs.
  5. Your roof membrane has blisters or bubbles, filled with air or water.
  6. The roof has vegetation growing on it – mold, lichen, algae, etc.

If you are unsure whether your flat roof needs to be replaced, Alley Capital can send a technician out for a comprehensive inspection. Our roofers are honest and capable and will let you know if a replacement is, indeed, necessary, or if repairs or roof restoration will suffice.

Missouri’s #1 Flat Roof Replacement Specialist

If your flat roof needs to be replaced or re-covered, it is vital the work is done correctly by a certified industrial roofing professional. Otherwise, the likelihood of it leaking or failing prematurely increase considerably.

When you hire Alley Capital to build or replace your flat roof, you can count on a roof that will perform excellently and stand the test of time. We offer a variety of flat roofing systems, including:

  • Metal
  • Spray foam
  • Tar and asphalt
  • Single-ply
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • Cool roofs
  • And more!

If you are in need of a commercial flat roof replacement, let the experts at Alley Capital design the best roof for you. We can help you select the new roof system that will best meet your needs, goals, and budget. Alley only uses industry-leading flat roof materials and products with a proven track record. When quality counts, count on Alley Capital for the best materials, leading warranties, and exemplary customer service.

Alley Capital – A Name You Can Trust!

Your commercial roof is a significant investment, with a very important job to do. That is why it is so important your new roof is installed properly. Alley Capital has more than 2 decades of relevant, successful industry experience, and we are happy to provide references upon request.

In addition to doing a great job installing your new roof, you can also count on Alley to provide all other needed services, including repairs, preventative maintenance, and more. Call us today to get started! (417) 825-0286