Commercial Roofing Services Lebanon Mo

At Alley Capital we are proud to offer business owners and property managers with trusted commercial roofing services. Our technicians provide these services throughout Lebanon, MO and the surrounding areas. If your roof is showing that it needs a professional hand, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We provide a full array of commercial roofing services, including repairs, replacements, restorations and coatings, inspections, maintenance, and more! Call 417-825-0286 to schedule a no-obligation assessment.

How the Weather Impacts Your Roof

Each season in Lebanon, MO is full of unpredictable weather. All of these different weather events can cause havoc to your commercial roofing. When you understand how these elements can affect your roof, we can begin to provide service options to help you continue to have a long roof life.

Winter – This is the time of year we have the most frigid and moist conditions. But it’s not just the moisture that is the problem. The water freezes on top of your facility and can add an extra 60+ pounds to rest on each cubic foot! When some of the water begins to thaw, it can leak into gaps on your roof, then refreeze again, causing a more serious leak.

Spring – This season offers a wonderful reprieve from the harsh cold of winter. Now is the ideal time to have your roof inspected to make sure it can hold up to the heavy rains that are coming. It’s also a great time to prepare it for the heat of the upcoming summer.

Summer – Summer adds many challenges to your roofing unit. The intense heat that radiates down on your roofing substrate can cause sealant harm. Your roof can also swell from the high temperatures and humidity, which causes it to weaken overtime.

Fall – Another nice reprieve in weather is a great time to inspect your roof once more. But fall requires more than just an inspection, if your roof is surrounded by large trees, their falling leaves need to be removed. If not, they can begin to decompose, causing mold, fungus, and other substances to sit atop your roof. They can also clog your drainage systems, forcing water to sit on your roofs structure.

Through all the seasons, our team at Alley Capital is here for you. We can provide any commercial roofing service your Lebanon, MO property needs. To start, just give us a call at 417-825-0286.