Commercial Roofing Companies Lebanon MO

While you’re busy preparing for the winter season with holidays and fun seasonal activities, the last thing on your mind is likely your commercial roofing unit. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many business owners and property managers aren’t concerned about their roofing system until there is a problem. After all, you have so many other items on your plate. However, with the winter season upon us, your roof could be facing some problems. Don’t scramble trying to find the best commercial roofing companies out there. Turn to our team at Alley Capital. We’re the trusted commercial roofer that many throughout Lebanon, MO turn to! Just call 417-825-0286 to get started.

Roofing Troubles in Winter

The weather throughout Missouri is unpredictable. One day we might see 60 degrees and sunny weather, and the next we’re preparing for a blizzard. With the heavy snow that blizzard conditions bring along with it, your facility will have added weight to your structure. While a little snow is not a problem and will melt in time, large amounts of snow can cause danger to your facility. If not handled appropriately, you can have 60+ pounds of added weight to your structure in every cubic foot! It will not only test the strength of your structure, but also the strength of your budget.

While you might think sending some of your employees up with shovels is a viable option, we caution you to do so. This is for numerous reasons:

  • It can void your warranty if it is not handled by a professional
  • Your employees aren’t experienced with the roofing substrate and can cause further damage
  • There are safety precautions that need to be followed

Call Alley Today

Don’t let the weight of the snow get you down. Instead, give our team a call. We’re one of the most professional commercial roofing companies helping facilities throughout Lebanon, MO and would be honored to serve you. You can reach us at 417-825-0286. We’ll help you properly handle any winter roofing troubles you are facing while keeping your employees safe, your material intact, and your warranty valid.